About Yes to 30

Yes to 30 is a leadership and mentoring program for emerging executives under 30 with a desire to make valuable contributions to the larger society. The Program is designed to give participants an all-round learning experience through course work, activities and projects that are designed to meet the objectives of the program.

Therefore, Yes to 30 is designed as an answer to the question of the steps and the necessary personal development goals that lead to the beginning of the actualization of life goals by youth under 30. Yes to 30 aims to train participants of its program and drive their development such that by the time they reach the age 30 mark, they will not only know what they are about, they will be well on their ways to achieving their life goals.

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Why We Do This

The working age population in Africa is projected to grow by about 70% or 450million over the next 20years between 2015 and 2035 according to Africa Competitiveness Report (ACR) 2017.

Only 100 million of the 450 million increased population will be able to find stable employment opportunities by 2035."

Yes to 30 will assist in helping young ones to gain employment or become economic agents in their rights

Our Objectives

To groom career leaders and entrepreneurs in the under-30 age bracket.

Mentor and Counsel youths under the age of 30 by accomplished and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.

Instill principles for balanced living and a culture of high performance in youths under the age of 30.

Provide balanced development of self, career, family and community consciousness in the Under-30s.

Our Team


Founder, Yes To 30


Chairman, Moving Media Limited


Director, Dangote Group


M.D, Honeywell Flour Mills PLC.

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